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Poster: R Pal Date: Jun 29, 2015 12:17pm
Forum: forums Subject: Library View Count Not Updating - V2 for Archive Community Folks

This new posting thread was created because the original has so many replies they squeeze it so it does not display properly in the New Format screen.

It would be best if only Archive users commented in this current thread. Please do not use this thread to create new subject questions or suggestions. Please create new posts for those issues.
The original threads first subjects was a question about the perceived lack of updates to the Archive file usage links. Subsequently questions about the loss of Forum links and "this just in" type links were raised. During this user questioning, two helpful administrators answered with information and suggestions. Those answers and suggestions seem not to be completely useful to the questioners, myself included. In fact they may indicate some basic function of the Archives are not in the BETA and the administrators do not notice the missing features or understand the functions value to users. They are very busy.

Questions from the first thread for a reality check by a regular user.
1. Do we still need the download count and frequency links that were available on the old format pages and are not available in the BETA?
2. Are these links now available in the old format but not working as they once did?
3. Are these links replicated successfully anywhere in the BETA ?
4. Are you aware that you can by some method duplicate the results of many search links in BETA but find that method not satisfactory for your needs?
5. Do you find clicking on a hidden top menu link, then clicking on a sub-link, then going to a collection page, then clicking on the page forum to replicate the "recent forum posts" link is a step forward?
6. On collection or media type home pages, (MOVIES,TEXTS, AUDIO, LIVE MUSIC ARCHIVE) did you still find the old page more useful?
7. Do you have an overall feeling of lost connection with the community in the BETA?