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Poster: EatenByADream Date: Oct 25, 2015 9:23am
Forum: classic_cartoons Subject: PLEASE! Help me identify a cartoon!

This old cartoon, I don't recall if it was in black and white or color, but there were no speaking characters. It was about a nursery or perhaps a toy store where all the toys came to life. The music in the background sounded a bit like an orchestra score or classical perhaps. The cartoon would jump from scene to scene showing various toys from toys perspective. Furniture looked huge in the background. I remember there being a toy duck on wheels with a string tied around it's neck that was zooming around the nursery or toy store, up and down the aisles of wood blocks and furniture repeating some odd, nonsensical phrase like "fuh'nunna'pa'nunna'ba'nunna". The cartoon had a very strange, surreal vibe to it, almost creepy in some places. I wish I could describe more about it, but sadly this is all I can recall at the moment. I just remember this cartoon sticking with me. All these years later and I can't find it to save my life. This forum is my last hope. I do know that it was a bit of an obscure cartoon and that it was a short I believe. Very old.
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