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Poster: Dupenhagen Moonbat Date: Apr 5, 2016 6:35pm
Forum: general Subject: Careful What Goes in the Hamper

Lest it be lost in the hubbub (of my own desultory interests), I really am interested in the howto*: "Anyway, I've attached a script that users can run (the commands within are standard commands and should not require software outside of GNU). It will execute on GNU Bash; thus, it works on any operating system that has the GNU Core Utilities installed (e.g. GNU/Linux). If you don't have GNU/Linux and wish to use the command on "Windows" or "Mac OS X", then you'll need to sprinkle some *freedom* into them so that the attached bash script, "fix-ia-forums.bash", will work (I'll provide links and a "HOWTO" if anyone asks)."

*only insofar as the howto doesn't hamper progress on the Classic Internet Archive plugin

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Poster: pegzmasta Date: Apr 5, 2016 7:24pm
Forum: general Subject: Re: Careful What Goes in the Hamper

Ahh, I did promise I would provide a "HOWTO"! I can't provide an official "HOWTO", since I do not use "Windows" or "Mac OS X." You may conduct some further reading via the following links: The third link above is my "HOWTO" for Windows, which may not work for you since I've never tested it step-by-step (I don't have Windows, anymore). You could provide an amazing service to me by attempting to work through my online instructions in an attempt to install GNU in Windows, and letting me know how it works for you! GNU comprises of thousands of Free Software programs in a growing body of work that is a part of the GNU Project– the original Free Software project created and specifically designed to provide users with a free/libre operating system. If the third link appears too complicated, then I would work through the first two links. If you were using "Mac OS X", then I would direct you to this part of my website (installing GNU on a Mac is several times easier than doing so on "Windows", unfortunately): I put a little too much ethics into the website, because I created it at a time when I became increasingly frustrated with some nonfree software that I encountered on the web; thus, I created a free/libre solution (still in the works, though). If the "nongnu" (Free Software, but not GNU yet) website works well for you, whatever difficulty that you have or suggestions that help you to install GNU will allow me to make my website's "HOWTO" more accurate. If it becomes too difficult, I'll look for more resources (I know there's a way to do it, and I'll see if it can be done).
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