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Poster: librivoxbooks Date: Jun 5, 2016 4:57pm
Forum: librivoxaudio Subject: Re: Disappearing download

May I explain what LibriVox is ? We are a group of volunteers who enjoy reading aloud with the stated aim of producing audiobooks from all works in the Public Domain in the USA. This in general means published before 1923. When we have made them we release them into the Public domain so that all can listen to them at no cost. Our books may all be downloaded at no cost from ot directly from Archive We are able to do this because everyone is a volunteer and because hosts us and our recordings at no charge. Because we release everything back into the Public Domain, anyone can use it however they want. Over the years a number of outsiders have used our recordings for their own projects. There are sellers on Ebay who burn them to disc and sell them , usually at low cost. There have also been a number of apps developed which include our free audiobooks in the material that they offer. We don't have any control over or involvement with these apps. They don't need our permission to include Librivox audiobooks in their catalog and we don't receive anything back in return. Hope this has explained our position Anne
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