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Poster: BlackFox5 Date: Jul 10, 2016 9:25am
Forum: classic_cartoons Subject: Help me find an old cartoon.

Hi, I've been trying to find this cartoon for ages now and I need some help if possible.

I had this on a VHS tape once and lost it a long time ago.
Here are some details that I can remember:
I remember it as a collection of shorts.
One scene have a police man standing at a intersection pointing the cars to go turn to the left which is a cliff and the cars falls down with the doors flying up in a comical style.
Another scene starts with a man holding an air pump, as he walks towards a girl (doll?) and inflate her. She then began to move and get dressed up. After that, the girl would walk to a chair which have a nail on it and she sat down on it, resulting in her skirt blowing to pieces.

That seriously is all I could remeber. I don't know anymore who to ask. Please help. I would be very thankful to whomever that can give me a title.