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Poster: JMH1951 Date: Jan 6, 2017 5:20pm
Forum: classic_cartoons Subject: Possibly Emperor and Nightingale

Haunted by this for 50 years! I grew up in NYC watching cartoons on the local channels - this cartoon was probably from one of the major studios, i.e. merrie melodies or some such. It was *old* - I'm guessing from the 1940's or even 1930's. It may be a version of The Emperor and the Nightingale.

What I remember: A king loves a little bird who flies away and to the king's delight he returns. Here's the thing: at the end, the king removes the ring on his own finger, which is a tiny crown, and puts it on the little bird's head.

Do you recognize this cartoon? I would very much appreciate your help. Thanks!