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Poster: billbarstad Date: Mar 11, 2017 4:56am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: PD?

Suspira (1977) is an Italian film. No registration in the US. If it was copyrighted in Italy or elsewhere, which is more than likely, it is covered by the GATT. Not PD. Just Before Dawn (1981) was copyrighted. JUST BEFORE DAWN. Type of Work: Motion Picture Registration Number / Date: PA0001622311 / 2007-10-10 Application Title: JUST BEFORE DAWN. Title: JUST BEFORE DAWN. Description: Videodisc (DVD) Copyright Claimant: VLADO P. HRELJANOVIC, Transfer: By Written Agreement. Address: c/o JUNIPER PICTURES, INC., 60 CUTTERMILL ROAD, SUITE 611, GREAT NECK, NY 11021. Date of Creation: 1980 Date of Publication: 1981-03-09 Nation of First Publication: United States Alternative Title on Application: THE LAST RITUAL Authorship on Application: DORO VLADO HRELJANOVIC, -2005; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: PRODUCER OF MOTION PICTURE. VLADO P. HRELJANOVIC, 1947- , employer for hire; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: PRODUCER OF THE MOTION PICTURE. Previous Registration: 1980, PAu 243-547. Pre-existing Material: PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED SCREENPLAY. Basis of Claim: MOTION PICTURE DRAMATIZATION. Copyright Note: C.O. correspondence. Names: HRELJANOVIC, DORO VLADO, -2005 HRELJANOVIC, VLADO P., 1947- The Psychic (1977) is another Italian film. Same disposition as Suspira. Horror Hotel/The City of the Dead (1960) is here at the Archive since it is PD. The Fifth Cord (1971). Same disposition as Suspira. Spider Baby (1967) is here at the Archive. PD. Strange Behavior/Dead Kids (1981) is an Australian/ US/ New Zealand film. Without even looking I’d say beasts like this made so recently and in several countries are not PD.
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