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Poster: Dan Harkless Date: Oct 24, 2017 2:38am
Forum: avgeeks Subject: "Living In A Reversed World", ironically, is (wrongly) reversed left-to-right after the opening titles

[I also posted this as a review, but I thought A/V Geeks might see a forum post sooner.] I was confused while watching "Living In A Reversed World" (, because after the initial titles (i.e. starting at 01:07), the image is (incorrectly) horizontally reversed. At 01:16, the text on the blackboard should not be reversed, since no one is using the optical devices yet. 01:35 - "I see you on my right", though in the reversed frame he's looking left. For the shot starting at 03:17, the narration says the text on the book is reversed by the mirror prism the professor is using, yet it's shown unmirrored (or in fact, double-reversed). And so on throughout the rest of the film. A/V Geeks, can you correct this and reupload? I would be happy to do it myself in Vegas and upload it for you, but you probably have a higher quality master than the 248.5M .m4v version downloadable from the site. Thanks for making this oddity available!
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