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Poster: andrewbontrager Date: Aug 17, 2018 1:27pm
Forum: texts Subject: simple download pages - can we bring them back?

something I miss after the website was updated about 3 years ago: download pages are now cluttered. When I go here
In the past, I would be redirected to an page, where only the files' URLs were located. Now the simple download page is gone and I see a bunch of unnecessary website filler --people, projects, home linnks-- and the file URLs are all at the bottom of the page. Plus, I can't use my Firefox 3.6 web browser to access these files directly. I have to modify the web string to include the identifier if I want to use my preferred browser, otherwise I must use a newer (and inferior) browser. I'm making a suggestion that we could set a preference if we would like the old uncluttered download page back.