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Poster: rcavictorman Date: Jan 20, 2019 11:44am
Forum: 78rpm Subject: Re: Recent upload.

Happy to help; I listen them all.
I hope the uploader doesn't take offense. I'm not questioning their ability. As mentioned, the transfers are always well engineered. Some are surprisingly good considering the source material.
Here are a handful of titles:
Dickey Wells "Bugle Call Rag"
Jess Stacy "Noni"
Wingy Manone "I Can't Lose That Longing"
Wingy Manone "I Can't Pretend" (Failed upload? Only 2 secs.)
Wingy Manone "No Calling Card"
Glen Gray "Coral Sea"
Let me know if you have a preferred way of flagging these if I come across others. Hope this is a help.
Thanks again for your efforts. Cheers from RonO in Winnipeg!

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Poster: brewster Date: Jan 20, 2019 8:24pm
Forum: 78rpm Subject: Re: Recent upload.

URL's for these would be most helpful. we have many "bugle call rag" versions, for instance. you can post in the review of the 78 item, that helps, but if you could post URL's here that would be great. the person we will give feedback to is in the user-tranfer field that is on the details page.

thank you for helping!