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Poster: TonyPS214 Date: Jul 29, 2019 5:35am
Forum: forums Subject: THE INTERROGATION - Series 6 and 7

@nimrod nomad Yes, unfortunately, although I thought I had "Heather", my upload is missing it. I will rectify and add as soon as I can find a decent copy or when BBC Radio rebroadcasts it and I can record it off the iPlayer.

Series 7 is currently underway; I've been recording each episode and will upload when the series is completed. However, this is a longer series than usual; looks like six or seven episodes this time, rather than the usual three as in previous series.

I love THE INTERROGATION as well; it matches or even excels LAW AND ORDER. I'm hoping, however, that it is NEVER translated to TV; it works so much better as audio plays.