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Poster: Kindlykum Date: Jan 31, 2020 1:04pm
Forum: open_mind Subject: Nudist family beaches

When is a taboo not a taboo, why can't we all be naked when ever we wanted, instead of having to find a nudist area,, it's OK then for any one of any age or gender sexual orientation etc, to take there clothes off, or just top off or bottoms off, revealing what we all have under our clothes, I have a big bum and a small penis, so why am I embarrassed to be naked in a public changing room in front of men and boys, who are also naked, I feel I'm being judged, and I'm judging?, is my penis smaller than a teenager or is my bum as fat as a woman's, but if it was at a nudist area I don't care? And I know people do get aroused but it's not a problem there, it is just natural, but if I had an erection in the public pool shower or something, then what?