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Poster: Group JW Date: Feb 21, 2020 8:33am
Forum: stock_footage Subject: Ariane 4 Stock Footage project

I announce a new project to archive Ariane 4 rocket launches, stating "After 15 years of service, and after a hundred successful launches, Arianespace's workhorse of the 1990's has went on its final flight in 2003. It was replaced by the more powerful Ariane 5 launcher." We will archive 116 launches of the Ariane 4 (3 failures, and 113 successes), starting with V-22 (and also V-27, V-29, V-31 and V-33) and ending with V-159. I really hope that everyone gets permission from ITN, the Associated Press and Reuters to upload all of those rocket launches to this site. I also hope that I'll be using them in my videos soon!

Attachment: ariane-42l_h10-3__v79__astra-1e__1.jpg
Attachment: ariane-40_h10-3__v124__helios-1b__1.jpg
Attachment: V102-liftoff.jpeg