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Poster: Canbear1 Date: Aug 27, 2020 3:50am
Forum: opensource_audio Subject: Chinese in VBR MP3 files

I noticed that if you acquire a preview of your mp3 at the source, there is something in chinese.

I did a google translate and they translate to various phrases.

For instance, if you copy this link into a Slack channel

you will get a chinese message in the preview metadata:

哾栀攀 䌀漀氀氀愀瀀猀椀渀最 倀漀挀欀攀琀
䏾倀倀 ⌀㄀㌀㜀 ⴀ 吀栀攀 䘀愀渀琀愀猀礀 圀愀爀搀 ㈀ ㄀㤀

Not everyone gets this, but serveral direct audio links give you this preview.

What's going on?