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Poster: travbondurant Date: Jan 5, 2021 11:45am
Forum: ourmedia Subject: 'OmniVisionous' Cameras Everywhere Create Sense of Celebrity

Have you become desensitized to 'OmniVisionous' Cameras everywhere?

Here are three photos showing why we should be aware that cameras are everywhere. I am psychologically 'nonconflicted' so being dubbed 'the shirtless one' doesn't bother me, partly because I was intensely involved in swimming where barely legal speedo swimsuits are typical.

In the first pic, I forgot my dash cam runs for couple of minutes after exiting vehicle. Automatic uploads to cloud make everything public instantly unless you set restrictions. Then I began thinking about how Big Brother practices evolved in USA.

Of course the government and businesses have been using cameras on their own property for decades. Perhaps the bombings in London by terrorists (including the Irish Republic Army) 1968 and 1970s gave birth to CCTV [closed circuit TV, the omnipresent network of cameras that monitor many most-frequented public streets, perhaps first in United Kingdom, then across the globe]. Some USA cities began installing cameras at all major intersections and some public parks in the mid to late 1990s.

At first, I was alarmed at the ‘Big Brother’ tactic peeling away our expectation of privacy guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, Fourth Amendment secured to citizens of the USA; and, secured for citizens of the states via Fourteenth Amendment.

The advent of the reality TV show ‘Big Brother’ further acclimated my acquiescence to cameras everywhere, now on and in many private homes, driveways, avenues; and, inside and outside of most businesses.

Then comes Google, prying and spying into every thought we visit online. At some point I completely not only accept such OmniVisionous peering into my life, I embrace it. I began to realize the feelings that most celebrities may experience, subject to exposure of photography and videography anywhere anytime.

If these pictures were of a star like Brad Pitt it may make it into a magazine or Hollywood TV gossip show. But, because it is only me hulking across the driveway, mindless now to the omnipresent peering cameras, I begin thinking of my escapades as though I am emerging celebrity. Then I decided that instead of worrying about cameras everywhere I would give them something to talk about.

In the second pic, a camera captured me leaving a store; a friend tagged me in a facebook post.

In the third pic, don't forget that cameras in public parks capture all activity on sport courts, botanical gardens, and swimming pools.

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