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Poster: mommyfor7 Date: Feb 24, 2021 9:19am
Forum: genealogy Subject: Re: death records

Hi Yes I have nothing there that matches. He was not in a war, was a train engineer and found article about that but at the time when records show his wife as widow, he was not employed by railroad. Find a Grave found nothing, and although they had their children in NY, I've been through many records there, nothing. Also, they lived in CT and even had someone from Hartford City Library help me and only thing she was able to find is article in newspaper, East Hartford, a daughter got married at home of his wife 1904. That was several years after she listed as widow and there was no mention of him. Have searched many cemetery records also. My mom and her sister did the original work 20 years ago and hit a dead end about him, also. Very frustrating. Thank you

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Poster: Barb1561 Date: Feb 24, 2021 2:25pm
Forum: genealogy Subject: Re: death records

Have you tried the railroad’s pension records?. Even if his age would not be old enough for retirement, he might have gotten a disability payment. Also you can check records at the state library site. Ours has a chat feature.