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Poster: Swed-Fo-Life Date: May 17, 2021 2:47am
Forum: animationandcartoons Subject: Question regarding if I can upload an obscure/rare anime dub

Hello there! I've been thinking of uploading the full movie of the obscure and rare Swedish dub of Fist of the North Star, title "Ken: the Great Bearfist" or "Ken: Rättvisans Kämpe". I've already made a review of it which can be found here:

Now, from the info I could gather, this release was first made by Wendros AB in 1986 (, then re-released in 2004 on DVD by Ozon Media (
Both companies as of now, seem to be rather inactive.

I'm asking if it's ok to upload this movie here, as i'm rather unsure regarding copyright and ownership of this release. Any advice and answers are welcome! Thank you!