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Poster: JackHilpert Date: Jun 28, 2021 4:24am
Forum: movies Subject: Can I Embed Movies fro Archive to my Website?

Hello, I'm here to ask can I embed movies from Archive collections on my blog best sander for doors without any copyright issues or any claim from owners or publishers? Thanks!

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Poster: dar2k Date: Feb 2, 2022 12:28am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Can I Embed Movies fro Archive to my Website?

The answer actually depends on the original source of the content/video. You need to be cautious, most of the time the content/video remains the property of the original creator unless it is stipulated otherwise.
We often use the content for inspiration and layout, but most of the time we will re-write or generate new content every time. It's not worth the time, effort and hassle to be issued with a 'cease and desist or something similar.

Hope this helps...
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