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Poster: K0rin Date: Oct 22, 2021 7:30am
Forum: software Subject: How to name item correctly

I would like to upload one iso files. But I don't know how to name the item correctly.
1) Freedom Fighters. I own a russian bootleg copy of this game and I want to upload it to the Internet Archive. You see, there is one problem with it. In 199x-2005 there was a very popular bootleg company "Фаргус", which released many unofficial translations of games. Due to the high quality of their translations, there were many fakes(fake Fargus, that is how we usually name these cds). And own a fake "Фаргус" copy. But it is the rare occasion when a fake "Фаргус" cd contains translation made by a real "Фаргус". Differences are very little. In the fake edition dates of creation were modified(correct date of creation usually helps to make clear when exactly translation was made). And cd volume name is also slightly different. Fake has "FF" cd volume name, a real one has "ff" volume name. On the internet, now there is no iso, which was written from the original cd. The reason is quite simple. the cd version of this edition doesn't work under modern systems, it works only under Windows 95, 98, 2000. And fans made patch which add this translation to steam version.
So my question is, how to name this item, which will be include fake "Фаргус" copy?