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Poster: Tirdad Derakhshani Date: Dec 2, 2021 1:48pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: why are uploads such nightmarish procedures??

I've been trying to upload the same video for the past 5 hours. It uploaded it but then went back and redid it over and over again
It's a set of two videos and whenever the first vid seems to be done. it restarts the entire process over again
It's insane. This is utterly crazy. Can someone please explain why every upload turns into a never-ending saga??

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Poster: guyzilla Date: Dec 11, 2021 8:51pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: why are uploads such nightmarish procedures??

Try putting multiple items in a zipped folder before uploading. Also the browser you may be using might not be up to the task, so try using Firefox when you upload. I did that and I've had no trouble since.