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Poster: monday2020 Date: Mar 1, 2022 10:33am
Forum: forums Subject: Can we request scan of some particular books?

Dear Lovely and so very helpful members,

Is there a way we can request scan of some particular books?

For example Jason Scott has this book:

but there are tons of latest edition rolling around in library takeaways and other places.

There is even a 6ed of this book 1996 by Tischer&Jenrich,
ISBN 1557553041 ( exact ).

Thanks Monday

P.S. I would want to request this 6ed or better. Also, for such B&W books, I would ask that they be scanned originally as B&W because those pages need less size. Even though the compression by using either luratech or pdfcompressor or some other Software is very good, but it does slow down book reading considerably. It also leads to crash of the pdf browser. The algorithm in the above compression software mostly does a good job of separation of Foreground and background but still some smudges on the text will transfer the text glyphs to the IW4 background. This means, if we want to remove the BG using acrobat "CONTENT" it will remove the text glyph. In addition, these softwares do not do very good OCR boundary like acrobat, because, underlining is often broken and uneven.
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