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Poster: Vicarage1 Date: Mar 5, 2022 11:28pm
Forum: opensource Subject: Science Fiction Conventions

I plan to upload the publications of 1000+ science fiction conventions in 100+ series, initially to Community texts, then to a new collection "Science Fiction Conventions". My naming convention was going to be

One identifier per convention series, eg worldcon.

identifiers to only have letters, numbers, dashes or underscores and be in lower case

Titles to have mixed case, special characters etc

Author to be convention series name, not sponsoring club

Add a link to the Fancyclopedia page in the description, but little else: Science fiction convention held since 1971. Fancyclopedia (I'm not writing hundreds of potted histories)

Add tags "Convention","Science Fiction"

If it exists in WIkipedia, its famous enough to go in under that name, eg boskone

Add disambiguation if needed, eg confusion-convention, unicon-convention-maryland, with Fancyclopedia as a naming guide

Within an identifier, store files as PDFs, filenames with spaces, starting with the convention name.

Duplicate files if conventions come in multiple series, eg Eastercon, Eurocon


worldcon/MagiCon Program Book.pdf

unicon-convention-uk/Wincon I Programme Book.pdf

confusion-convention/How to Train Your ConFusion ReadMe.pdf

australian_national_science_fiction_convention/Conflux 16: Visions of Time PR 1.pdf

Is this a good plan?