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Poster: bluesnooze Date: Mar 15, 2022 2:31pm
Forum: opensource Subject: Collections ranking

Is there any way to set the main collection an item belongs to?

My upload at is in my collection atlantic-insight but that's not the collection it belongs to, which is currently magazine_contributions. I can see this seems to be set in AtlanticInsight-063-September-1984_meta.xml but this can't be directly edited, it says to use the API.

Is this something I can do and if so, how? The documentation on this is not clear at all.

Update 15 March: Could an admin please move item so it belongs to collection atlantic-insight ?

Thank you.
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Reply [edit]

Poster: Jeff Kaplan Date: Mar 17, 2022 4:38pm
Forum: opensource Subject: Re: Collections ranking

moved. only Archive admins can make that mover. You can upload to your collection though.