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Poster: bluesnooze Date: Mar 16, 2022 7:40am
Forum: opensource Subject: Re: Reason for a Collection?

Since no one else came forward to answer this, I went ahead and got my own Collection.

When you get a Collection, you get several things you didn't have before.

- a Description page where you can explain the collection.

- Visitor statistics - who's looking and from where.

- An auto-generated RSS feed updated as you add new items.

- Ability to upload directly to the Collection, which also instantly auto-includes your new item in any Collections your Collection belongs to.

- Your Collection is listed with similar Collections, driving traffic to it.

- You get to design a cool Collection icon for your Collection and can change it whenever you like.

- You get access to new and utterly incomprehensible control panels with unclear functions and no documentation.

- Collections can apply to get their own Forums.

It can take two weeks to hear back after applying to get a Collection.