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Poster: R Pal Date: May 28, 2022 4:47am
Forum: general Subject: Re: Choosing collection on upload

R Pal is a throwaway account for commenting so please don't send me emails. The advice below is free which means it may be inaccurate and valueless. Jeff Kaplan is an IA admin who can give you the most accurate answers.

As to your question, the best method within the structure of the Internet Archive seems to be as follows.

1. For small occasional uploads follow your point 2 above and email to request the item be moved.

2. For larger groups of uploads which will total over 50 items it is best to request the uploads become a collection. The process for that is to first upload at least 50 items and let the uploads sit where they land when uploaded.
When you reach 50 uploads send a request to to put the 50 items into a new collection and put the collection in the proper section of the Archive.
For instance, if they are to become part of the "Magazine Rack" ask to place your collection in the "Magazine Rack" section.
When this is completed you will be given Admin status for the new collection and your uploads will be properly categorized. As a collection admin you will then be able to place you subsequent uploads into your collection at the time of uploading.

Hope this helps.

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Poster: Vaguery Date: Jun 5, 2022 5:54am
Forum: general Subject: Re: Choosing collection on upload

This is great, and seems helpful for me too, but it does beg the larger questions as I start to upload about (checks notes) 900 items I've scanned over the last 15 years:

1. Is this written down anywhere? It's not apparent from the FAQs or main Forum listing, and to be honest I only discovered the Forums by accident.
2. Is there a way of searching the Forums themselves for this sort of thing?
3. What _is_ a collection, technically, aside from a curated subset of arbitrary items? What norms are there, if any, for adding your own or others' stuff to one?

It all feels very opaque, and whatever rules and norms there are don't quite feel aimed at growing a welcoming community.

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Poster: R Pal Date: Aug 14, 2022 12:51pm
Forum: general Subject: Re: Choosing collection on upload

The delay in replying is explained by my earlier comment about this account not receiving emails. Unfortunately this reply will not be very helpful.

The Archive is a mixture of supremely wonderful items and a bit of cobbled together programming. The admins here are very nice and helpful but sometimes cannot answer each question to the satisfaction of the users. I suspect Mr Kaplan sets aside a couple of hours every day or so to answer us.

And the FAQ documentation is often written by someone who knows the system so well that they forget others may not know "first click 'File, then open'" so the answers may not be what you need.

It occurs to me that a user generated help and suggestion section could be of value. There may already be such a section but i am unaware of it.