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Poster: K0rin Date: Oct 13, 2022 10:46am
Forum: software Subject: Will it be okey if i continue to upload russian bootlegs

My question is - will it be okay if i continue upload russian bootlegs onto internet archive.

There is an example of how other uploads will be look.

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Poster: zippy Date: Oct 18, 2022 3:08pm
Forum: software Subject: Re: Will it be okey if i continue to upload russian bootlegs

I am not staff, but I would love to see more, especially for Soviet era machines.

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Poster: K0rin Date: Oct 19, 2022 2:11am
Forum: software Subject: Re: Will it be okey if i continue to upload russian bootlegs

Well, there were not software bootlegs in soviet era, except of game and watch rip offs, which were made by электроника. Later электроника released some NES game bootlegs, with their own translations. It were little mermaid, duck tales, prince of Persia and tailspin. But that is all, what are somehow connected with soviet era.

All other software which was released for soviet machines was licensed. Some MSX 2 software and other.

Massive bootleg era with underground translations began with PC and Sony PlayStation era. And the first companies, which released their own translations were GSC Game World, Акелла, 7th wolf and other bootleggers, who later became licensed distributors. For example most of actors and translators who worked for Vector and Golden Leon later worked for official company Руссобит М, the company who also at first was bootleg company known as XXI век or Эликтан. And Руссобит even was sued by Sony and other companies, when this fact was revealed.

You also can find some some other russian bootlegs, which was uploaded by other archive org members. Sadly most of russian community do not recognize archive as a good opportunity to save our bootleg heritage, and so most internet archive releases with bootlegs almost don't have any information. I just want to make this all information look structured. As it is in russian community.

For example almost all ps1 games got unofficial translations. There are 80% translations were found, but in internet archive there is only some games were uploaded.

Fill free to ask me more about it.
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