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Poster: KKK Video Date: May 20, 2007 10:55am
Forum: stock_footage Subject: Re: Stockholm Vistas Continued

Thanks for¨the kind note! - I don't intend to stop filming places and sights in Stockholm and to upload some of it, but the idea of a series felt somewhat tiresome when I found myself writing an inventory list of suitable objects, and when the tourist season started. So I will film what might turn up. As for me, I'm not quite new to photography, but to moving images. You must exercise to reach beyond the first shaky footage of kids and cats, and find more ways than putting up the camera and see what happens. It's great if these exercises are useful to others, especially students. I guess all movies of some public interest can be used as historical sources, and I hope to see more contemporary footage of what it looks like in America and elsewhere on this site.

What a shame that those alligators have been killed! Your footage shows them as dignified and lovable creatures. It belongs to the very best I've seen in the Internet Archive.


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Poster: Bridgewater Video Date: May 20, 2007 12:15pm
Forum: stock_footage Subject: Re: Stockholm Vistas Continued

Glad to hear I misunderstood. Your Stolkholm footage has been very well done. I hope that someday the Archive can have current footage as good as yours from New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Chicago and much more. I am curious to see what city or country starts to post footage in the Archive next. I would love some snow footage from Alaska. Perhaps next year. Best wishes to you and Stockholm....Ivan