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Poster: Bridgewater Video Date: Jun 4, 2007 7:08pm
Forum: stock_footage Subject: Note to Students, Photograpers and Editors!

Some comments from mister C. E. Price echo my own recent thoughts about the Stock Footage section of the Archive. This is an open note to the Students, Photograpers and Editors that have started to use the Stock Footage section of the Archive. In the last six months I have been emailed by many students with comments and questions. It is obvious to me the Internet Archive (and the Stock Footage section) is becoming a great teaching & student resource. It has occured to me that the students that are starting to use this resource might find it also useful as a class project. I suggest that if you are a film student, you go to your instructor and ask them to help you donate two good one minute stock footage clips from your area. Your instructor will help explain how to make sure you break no copyright laws. Things like recognizable human faces and trademark logos are a no-no. I suggest you research the clips posted in Stock Footage by Mr. C. E. Price and Eva Vickstrom if you want to see samples for the kind of length and quality you are looking for. I am curious to see which school or city can post the best footage first. I suggest subjects could include public areas in National Parks, rivers, mountains, Public Monuments, waterfalls, The Grand Canyon. What is the nicest public (Not private & open to the public, but really, truly public) location or wonder in your area?.......As for the photographers and editors who read this. if you have used footage from the Internet Archive in a past project. this may be a chance to give something back. I suggest you look thru your personal footage and consider posting a clip or two for the use of others. The best way for this resource to grow is by diversity. Not just more to see and use, but more to share with others. My best wishes to the Archive and anyone who decides to post.
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