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Poster: elijahradioprophet Date: Jun 13, 2004 1:03pm
Forum: shaping_sf Subject: Fantistic! My CITY-84-92

I moved to "the City" in 84, to obtain TX for Gender Diasporia...lived at "Z" hotel, then AMBASSADOR HOTEL, 55 MASON ST. ROOM 212, & was KNOWN as "TATTOO JOANIE! The World's ONLY & BEST Professional Tattoo Artist," I spent 100's of hours in the "Stacks" at the GREAT, OLD Public Library, Prowled the Tenderloin, Polk Street & Castro, but mostly, I PAINTED WATER COLOURS & DREW PENCIL/ INDIA INK sketches of (now gone) UNIQUE Sights...
In 1990 I became Homeless, Survived by RETREATING up to a CAVE on MT. SHASTA, came DOWN in 1991, (After a Vision) RENEWED my GUITAR/MANDOLIN/FRENCH HARP/VIOLIN playing, and became "BOXCAR JOANNA" the Drag Queen Hoboette, (Known at REAL GUITARS, LAYFETTE ALLEY as "The Littlest Hoboe!") I had SEVERAL Vintage GIBSON Guitars "Lifted" from my Care (I slept on the Streets) but MY TALENT from the ELOHIM on SHASTA kept my ABILITY to buy ANOTHER, and ANOTHER, etc etc until, NOW, I have had the SAME GIBSON MK-53 since the LAST CENTURY! But the LOVELY, WARM, FRIENDLY "City" is DEAD, and SCATOLOGICAL YUPPIE EFFITE BOOSH-WAGH SWINE have ELECTED a SERIAL mURDERER for Mayor, to REMOVE POOR, STRIVING, TALENTED Artists OUT OF THEIR SIGHT! I wrote a "BILL" entitled "A Comparison of GALVIN NEWSOM, PROP. "N". & ENGELS writing on "The Condition of the Working Class in England." Strange that the MANY parallels in NEWSOM & the INFAMOUS "Poor Law of 1834" go UNNOTICED by the "So-Called" PROGRESSIVE Yuppies....The GOD, (or one of the Holy Trinity) of SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM..Fredric Engels...WROTE HIS FIRST BOOK of SOCIAL OUTRAGE against THESE 21 CENTURY SWINE!
I would STILL be PLAYING GUITAR at 9th. Ave & Irving, across from the BEANERY, but I DWELL in a 1972 VOLKSWAGEN WESTIE, with AMATUER RADIOS, SOLAR PANELS, BOOKS, GUITARS, & 55 years of JUNK...I saw OTHER POOR FOLKS, LIVING in HOMES on WHEELS...Being DRUG OUT, BEATEN INTO SUBMISSION, and THEIR HOMES IMPOUNDED by GESTAPO, SS, NAZI POLICE, at 3:00-5:00 AM, on 5th. by the Freeway, out by Ocean Beach, by Lake Merced....I WAS AFRAID, I now stay ON BLM LAND, 50 miles WEST of WYATT-EARP, CA. or, in Summer, in OUICHITA MOUNTAINS of ARKANSAS...I cannot PLAY in MY FAVOURITE CITY, and I know I am missed at 9th. Avenue...BUT SAN FRANCISCO is a NAZI POLICE STATE; for we Poor Starving Artists.
I have to LOOK at SCENES on the COMPUTER to REMEMBER the REAL OLD San Francisco!