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Poster: Gothchick #2 Date: Jan 29, 2008 1:49pm
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Keep The Train Running 0n Time

Speech for the Mayor
Council Meeting of
October 3rd 2007

An interesting article in the Cecil Whig, September 14th edition,
entitled, Gilchrest on Board with Aid for Local Mass Transit Fix.
pointed out that Cecil County is the missing link in passenger rail
service between New York City and Washington, D.C. In the same piece,
Senator Pipkin, of the #36 District, stated that we need to renovate
the old train station.

Everyone who is fortunate enough to live in Cecil County will know how
hard the honorable Mayor Fisona has worked to make sure we will once
again have passenger train service here in the town of Elkton. Anyone
who has followed local politics for any length of time at all
understands county civic leaders have wanted to restart commuter trains
to Elkton for several years now and the main stumbling block is always
a lack of capital. Another hindrance is also the ramshackle condition
of the train station on Bow Street, which would have to be completely
remodeled. Also, another imperative is to secure Federal funds to
start the undertaking.

As I understand it, the Elkton train station closed it’s doors sometime
in 1962 and has been allowed to fall into ruin ever since then. This
shouldn’t have happened in the first place, but, what has been done
cannot easily be undone. Note the phrase, easily undone. This can be
corrected if enough time and money were to be invested in a renovation
project. In the article, mentioned before, Gilchrest promised he would
do his best to secure the needed federal funds. It’s up to voters to
see to it that he keeps his word by writing him often to remind him of
what he said he would do in regards to helping to bring the train back
to Elkton. In those letters it should most likely be stressed how much
a man in his position could do to help bring this about because of his
rank and social standing. It would also be wise if the authors were to
stress in the body of the composition how bringing the train back to
Elkton would be for civic good and could raise the quality of life in
Cecil County.

It also seems most reasonable, to me, that if we expect to get federal
funding to bring passenger rail service back to Elkton again we need to
explain in as logical and rational format as is possible, within a
reasonable time frame without becoming boring or bothersome, how doing
so would garner vast revenue to fill the public coffers. At this
point, someone should point out how poverty-stricken Cecil County is
and how we must have passenger rail service back again to draw people
here to expand our tax base. In the same edition, the Whig ran another
article claiming the county just recently topped the 100,000 residents
mark. An argument favoring returning train service could be made thus:
Cecil County remains poverty-stricken and isolated despite the fact
that we now have more than 100,000 people living here. The agent
making said proposal could add: with all of these people we should have
train service restored to the city of Elkton so that they may be
gainfully employed.

A wise point designed to garner support for the proposal might be Cecil
County has often been called Maryland’s forgotten county or the
forgotten corner of Maryland; sadly, tis surely so, but, this is most
assuredly a result of our lack of proper public transportation in the
region. Give us the funds we need now to start a functional regional
commuter rail service that will move people from place to place and it
will pay for itself rapidly by expanding our tax base. Every economist
knows there are periods of growth and periods of stagnation and, one
usually follows the other as night follows day. Cecil County has
languished in a state of decay since commuter trains stopped servicing
the area, so it seems the solution would be to restore the railroad to
this area pronto to reverse the situation. It is the task of those of
you who have power to convince those who have money to give us the
funds we need to bring the railroad back to Cecil County once more.

Mr. Jack Grimes
7PM night of October 3rd 2007
City of Elkton, Province of Maryland
Nation-State of America.


P.O.B. 2209

Elkton, MD 21922-2209

Union States 0f N. America