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Poster: leecherzs Date: Jul 9, 2004 4:57am
Forum: faqs Subject: Re: cannot proccess my film

I can tell you if you are able to use commandline software

Commands for on your machine
cd uploaddir
Login with your username and pasword
when prompted

all commnds below are for FTP client:

mkdir myfilm2004
cd myfilm2004
put myfilm2004.avi
(note: you will wait quite a while)

then go to the webpage and import your film you have just finished uploading.

Note you must use bin or binary mode command as all films are binary files and not ascii text.

there are also graphical clients to do the same thing.

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Poster: simon c Date: Jul 9, 2004 5:08am
Forum: faqs Subject: Re: cannot proccess my film

What leechersz said! We recommend SmartFTP ( for graphical-based Windows software, you would:

- log on to
- right-click on the FTP window and pick 'New Folder'
- name your folder
- doubleclick on the folder to go into it
- drag your movie into the FTP window.