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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Jul 9, 2009 5:54am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The Great Lost Live Dead Set Found!

Hey now, I think we're already assembling a really good collection of "lost" live primal Dead numbers, and much of the material is right here on LMA. Maybe tomorrow or soon we can start to put it in some kind of working playing order and see how it sounds as a set if that's possible, just for fun! There's also rare stuff (see LIA's recent list*) found only at Taper's Section which include a personal favorite version of Mindbender: "Amongst the mishmash of unlabelled 1966 material in the vault, there was a short snippet of music at the end of the reel labeled 2/6/66, so perhaps this version of Tastebud is from that show, but not for certain. Regardless, it is one of the tightest blues jams of that era, the entire band in perfect sync. Also from that reel is Mindbender, one of the odder of the older oddities." **************************************************************************************** BTW, Thanks y'all, for the great suggestions. Keep Rolling By! Here is my temporary drop in page where you can find a 99% complete Gangster Of Love (w/slide show): *Thanks to LIA for this recent research of what's been archived at Taper's Section: There are also several other rarities on the 1966 Oddities collection such as: Hey Little One (at least one other version is available here on LMA) Walking The Dog (Rufus Thomas penned R&B number that the Rolling Stones popularised on their debut vLP) Don't Mess Up A Good Thing (good Pigpen lead vcls on this R&B cover tune) Empty Heart (a Rolling Stones original number that the GD rarely -if ever - played again). BTW, the GD played a number beginning in '69, only a few times over the years, which had been popularised by a rocked-out hit version The Rolling Stones released on their ("12 x 5") 2nd LP. I had the fortune to hear the Dead do a whacking good version of it circa '70: "It's All Over Now" (the Bobby Womack R&B original) It's on the LMA but is slightly hard to find in searches due to it's name similarity to the Dylan song, "It's All Over Now Baby Blue". So I searched and found for y'all the one version on LMA of them doing "It's All Over Now" in their primal Pigpen era, at the Family Dog on the Great Highway, (next door to Playland-At-The-Beach, SF's legendary amusement park) - Sept. 6, 1969: The show also features them doing "Big Boy Pete", in the style of The Olympics' hit version of the Don & Dewey original. Rare to hear them doing it as "late" as 1969. There's only one other 70's version of "It's All Over Now" on LMA, from 1976, an outake from DP 20: Too bad no versions from 1970 are circulating (?), by which time they really had it worked up into an exciting set-closer, nonetheless even the early '69 version gives one a good indication of the energy they infused the classic R&B number with before it was shelved. The Sept. 6th '69 performance may be the earliest extant live version if not the Dead's debut of the song- check the Deadbase if you can and LMK, I'm curious about the playdates of this song. It may not have been recorded on the soundboard (or saved on an audience tape either) at the show I saw them do it at, but I remember it was a real crowd pleaser that evening.
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Poster: light into ashes Date: Jul 9, 2009 12:03pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The Great Lost Live Dead Set Found!

Creampuff -
There IS an It's All Over Now from 1970!

The sound isn't great, but I think it's quite listenable. Jorma K joins them on this one....

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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Jul 10, 2009 12:33pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The Great Lost Live Dead Set Found!

Wow, thanks Light for finding that one!