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Poster: Fireball Steve Zodiac Date: Jul 8, 2009 10:17pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: a speed issue, not sure what it is but...

I've noticed this week a couple of my downloads proceeded at dismal rates. Like right now I am downloading Penny Serenade and am only getting 28KB/sec, while at the same time Road to Bali is coming at me at over 250KB/sec. The former download was started first, the rate started at 1.7 KB/sec, then ran up to 80KB/sec, and has settled in at 25KB/sec as of this moment. It says it is going to be a 44 hour download at this time. I am aware I can only achieve a 300KB/sec additively overall (the speed limit at this end on my connection), but these low speed downloads seem to be spreading throughout IA. Maybe that box needs a re-boot, or the inter router is cache clogged or something?
Or is IA "throttling back" on some servers?
Either way, Thanks IA, for everything. FSZ
Penny Serenade btw has now dropped it's speed to 19KB/sec. I am going to discontinue it's DL and try again later.

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Poster: cosmicola Date: Jul 9, 2009 2:35pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: a speed issue, not sure what it is but...

This happens to me sometimes, too. On and off, mostly during the night, the speed drops way down to a crawl. Try using a freeware download manager if it gets too bad. Good luck.

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Poster: couchpotato Date: Jul 9, 2009 3:11pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: a speed issue, not sure what it is but...

I also have better luck with a download manger. I use "Download Them All". Don't know where I heard of this software, but it seems to work a lot faster. It adds a right click option (Windows). I open the "HTTP" link (left side of page on most Archive pages), right click, select "Down Them All", and a box will open. In the box, you can check or uncheck any of the items on the page to download. This works great on the Old Time Radio pages that have many episodes to download. Sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but this has saved me so much grief, I thought I would share.