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Poster: glenn Date: Sep 12, 2009 7:42pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: september_11_tv_archive

Thanks. I need the full versions though, the streaming versions are not of sufficient quality to do analysis on. I am trying to see for myself if the claims made in September Clues have any merit.

Is there any way to download the full original uploaded versions of this material for research purposes?

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Poster: glenn Date: Sep 12, 2009 7:46pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: september_11_tv_archive

I can be contacted directly at if anyone can help.

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Poster: jonc Date: Sep 12, 2009 7:47pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: september_11_tv_archive

I think they took those down some time back. I don't recall the reason for that, it may have been copyright issues.

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Poster: glenn Date: Sep 12, 2009 8:56pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: september_11_tv_archive

Well, if anyone has access to some or all of that material, I am interested in obtaining copies of any or all of it for non-commercial research purposes.

I know the full high resolution versions still exist on the servers, but that is not the version we get when streaming, and the 'good' files are 403 no unauthorized access.

Seems to fall short of the ideal of Universal Access to Human Knowledge.

Maybe some of the uploaders can help me out with copies. Of course, I don't really trust other sources to provide identical footage, and I need the footage as it was originally shown.

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Poster: moviefan1993 Date: Sep 13, 2009 3:33am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: september_11_tv_archive

Hey Glenn, I have two (maybe three?) clips from 9/11, Recorded live on the day on one of the first DVR's so it should be great quality.

The Footage is from the UK and of both BBC and ITV if it helps.

Regards, John

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Poster: glenn Date: Sep 13, 2009 5:43pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: september_11_tv_archive

Yes. It would be helpful. Could you email me at so we can make some arrangement? I really do appreciate your offer.

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Poster: Dan L. Date: Sep 15, 2009 6:52pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: september_11_tv_archive

This has been rehashed adnauseum.

With respect to the content on the site: In the defense of the archive I recall clearly a statement that there were copyright issues and this is why streams rather than downloads were made available as a service after some type of discussion(s) with the copyright holders.

If I hear one more time that two Boeing 767-200 weighing over 400 000 lbs each carrying almost 24 000 gallons of highly flammable jet fuel moving at 500 MPH can't knock down a building simply beacuse 'no (steel) building has ever fallen down because of fire' my head will explode.

This was the most witnessed and recorded single-event mass murder in all of recorded human history - To suggest anything else and to say the BBC was somehow complicit in it is so ridiculous. It would have required extensive building modification to plant all the thermite claimed to have damage the steel, tons of covert ops to plant explosives, and then they would have had to had co-operation of the media? They'd think they could get away with it?

How many people would have had to be involved logistically and how could they hide it? You can;t fart or have a breakdown (ask Christian Bale) without proof being videotape by multiple people these days.

How can people still believe in UFOs? There are millions of cameras, phone cameras, security camers, recorders. And how can ANYONE keep anything secret in politics anymore - the government can't keep secrets for more than days without people spilling's all too implausible. There is plenty of proof implicated the 911 hijackers however. Well OBVIOUSLY it was all planted right? give me a break....

You would have to have DIRECT proof to ever convict anyone of such a thing as mass murder on this scale. People scooping up dust and subjecting it to chemical and nuclear analysis and produce incredibly technically complicated 10 page technical reports then conclude in a short paragraph that it must be thermite is equally crazy. there are associations of architechts and engineers that back EITHER side of this debate.

This debate has taken on a life of its own and the fact that such a debate itself exists is a more interesting phenomenon to me than the question of the 911 conspiracy itself.

Of concern also: people bring their own agendas to the table and are easily swayed by half truths and misinformation. I used to vassilate on the JFK question and read books and books and watched every documentary I could get my hands on. Finally, seeing that many of the siupposedly 'impossible' events of that day were more than plausible - they were actually visible when properly analyzed - the 'magic bullet' trajectory mocked in Oliver Stone's moronic but effective film is clearly explained by 3d modelling and is visible to anyone who views the Zapruder films. Slowly the threads of these crazy conspiracy claims unravel and fall apart just as surely and brutally as the WTC did.

The problem is anyone can add 'one more piece' that doesn't fit and throw it onto the pile - you can never disprove a conspiracy to someone who won;t listen or says 'oh yeah well what about.....(whatever)"

RE the media: When the BBC said something about building 7 falling I recall very shortly after that the confusion was determined to have come from the simple fact that the authorities talked about 'pulling the building' because they were pulling out their people because collapse was imminent. This is naturally misinterpreted by the tinfoil hat crowd as a sign that they announced a collapse before it was going to happen because of 'inside' or 'planted' info

Hard truths:
JFK was killed a stupid schmuck
Elvis is really dead as is MJ
911 happened because lax security at the time permitted it to (hard to accept, but we used to let pilots keep the door to the cockpit open - sounds really obvious and dumb now doesn't it?)

As you can tell I'm really frustrated about this.

STILL, DESPITE ALL MY RANTING I encourage anyone who wants to research this stuff, but keep in mind that people used to believe the earth was flat with all the conviction they could muster). Belief systems are powerful things. This is all mired in hidden agendas, peoples view of the world and government, their inability to accept reality (denial is a really powerful thing, etc... Keep in minds that there are lots of nuts with magical thinking on almost anytopic you can suggest. There are people with serious mental illnesses and personality disorders who are s-disturbers who through narcicism or some histrionic fantasy need to create drama in their pathetic lives who say anything.

There is almost NO event that will ever occur that is not subject to this type of scrutiny, opinion, myth, mistruth; and that could not be claimed to be part of some kind of conspiracy. When does it ever end? PLEASE

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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Sep 30, 2009 10:48am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: september_11_tv_archive


Rosie was wrong and I have proof in my video:

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Poster: Lauker Date: Oct 1, 2009 3:11pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: september_11_tv_archive

just 3 questions about WTC7 :
- Where was the "full of fuel" plane that hit the WTC7 (that is the reason you invoke for the collapse of 2 first towers) ?
- How did they know that collapse was imminent ?
- Why the collapse of this 47 floors building is not even mentioned in the "9/11 Commission Report" ?