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Poster: Bridgewater Video Date: Dec 6, 2009 10:03am
Forum: stock_footage Subject: Re: Welcome!

Hello, and thank you for the kind comments. I regret that I can't help you much. This video was produced for fun many years ago and I have produced too many videos since then to remember how I set up the opening. I would be willing to bet that all the opening clips came from the Feature Films or Prelinger sections of the Internet Archive. That narrows it down to about 4000 videos. I would start by looking at silent flicks in those two sections. As for the titles, most any simple video editing system ($50.00 to $100.00) will add titles like I used here. I use an old version of Vegas Video now, (and I like it) but I have used MGI video and several other NLEs over the last 15 years and they all had titleing. Most any video editing system today will do it. I hope that helps a little. Good luck on your video! Best Wishes, Ivan :)

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Poster: edster Date: Dec 6, 2009 12:34pm
Forum: stock_footage Subject: Re: Welcome!

Hello Ivan,
Thanks for the reply. The resource is so vast, there is a wealth of footage here that I can use, so while my aim is to produce something similar to your early productions, I am able due to the choice available to produce several different projects. I look forward to that, and the support of the forum members.

Thanks again