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Poster: ShaunaFowlkes Date: Jan 18, 2010 1:13pm

Education as a general term is definite right every child has. However, if it is higher education that is being talked about, the idea of whether it is a right and a required achievement for every individual becomes subject to debate. Nowadays, this decision of entering higher education after going to high school appears to be a choice and not a mandatory requirement for individuals anymore. Today, people choose between going to college or settling with a high school diploma. For some, this decision might be enough for their daily needs. For others, higher education is necessary for a better future.
Typically, students may look at the pursuit of higher education as a seemingly endless route. Higher levels of education involve everyday term papers, a research paper, or even rush essays, graded recitations, and others. Higher education also involves endless deadlines as part of the challenges of the academic workload. This could be the major reasons behind the fact that there are people who prefer not to take higher education. Despite this, there are also several institutions, establishments and organizations that makes college life easier and a fun experience for students. There are lots of student organizations which aim to offer different skill improvement trainings; as well as socio-civic organizations which offer a sense of belongingness and help in the needs of the community. Moreover, in the services sectors, there are also lots of advertisements about online subject tutorials, buy essay reference, online study guides, and a lot of other services which aim to make the educational work load of students much easier to accomplish.
But despite these, the reality of whether higher education must be considered a choice or an obligation for people to accomplish will always be debatable. Every person will surely possess a different notion of value. Hence, every person may have a different idea of what is the most important thing in life. For some, living a simple life sufficed by a common downtown job may do, but for others- with high ambitions and optimistic belief that they will succeed as a professional- this kind of life will never be enough. Rather, they will seek greater heights and more promising opportunities which is achieved by pursuing a higher level of education.