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Poster: eyefull Date: Mar 17, 2005 4:44am
Forum: avgeeks Subject: editable MPEG file image size when used in FCP

When I download a editable MPEG file from the Perlinger Archive and then import the file into FCP, the actual size of the import is much smaller (about 50%) than the standard FCP format. I can enlarge the imported file manually but of course the original clarity of the file is lost. Any info and/or tips to get around this matter is most appreciated. Thanks, eyefull

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Poster: akb Date: Mar 17, 2005 8:06am
Forum: avgeeks Subject: Re: editable MPEG file image size when used in FCP

The only higher quality version available are the MPEG2 files. Just today someone recomended Streamclip to go from MPEG2 to QT DV for editing.

FCP (and hopefully all editing programs) should support MPEG2 editing natively pretty soon since Sony is moving to HDV which uses it for its consumer HD line of cameras.