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Poster: liz22 Date: Nov 14, 2010 9:34pm
Forum: classic_cartoons Subject: Looking for some old cartoons

Hey could anyone help me out? I'm looking for these old cartoons but i can't seem to find them. some i've found but i'm having trouble with the others.

One is about a donkey and a horse. the horses dad doesn't want the horse playing with the donkey. But the donkey follows the horse around still. The horse soon gets chased by a big bull and the donkey saves him. in the end the donkey mommy and horse daddy get married and the two horse and donkey are now bro and sis. I know crappy sum but its ticking me off that i can't find it.

Another is about a family of cars. Taxis to be exact. The mommy just had a baby boy and daddy can't be happier. but the baby wants to be a race car and not a taxi. he ends up running away and daddy chases after him. the baby gets hit by a train and has to go into operation. the father agrees to let his son do what he wants and the son chooses to be a taxi, but he has the engine of a racer,

i have more but i'll stop here for now i hope someone could help me. I may be only 16 but i grew up with these thanks to my dad, its the only thing i have left of him and it would mean the world to me if someone could help me. Thank you!

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Poster: LordOfTheExacto Date: Nov 20, 2010 8:38am
Forum: classic_cartoons Subject: Re: Looking for some old cartoons

Got them, Liz. The first one is "Snubbed by a Snob," and it's here:

The taxi one is called "One Cab's Family. I found it at but you'll want to see it quickly. It's under copyright from Warner Brothers and it seems to be getting deleted wherever it's posted. If you don't get a chance to see it let me know. I'm going to try to grab it from the video site and keep you a copy.

Hope you enjoy the cartoons. I lost my dad some years ago and I still find myself digging out old TV shows and music that he liked.

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Poster: liz22 Date: Nov 21, 2010 9:41am
Forum: classic_cartoons Subject: Re: Looking for some old cartoons

Ohhh thank you soo much! I've been looking everywhere for these thank you so much! say you wouldn't happen to know about a short show not a cartoon but a show/cartoon about a lil girl who throws away her rag doll monkey i think and gets new ones for christmas and santa comes late at night and puts her in a dream where the toys and everything comes to life? Everything is in real life acting but the toys actions are CG am i making sence lol.

also one about two lil kids who are looking at a ice cream store wanting ice cream and when the officer goes to get them some there gone, then they go home and its a run down house and there mother serves them dinner, the lil boy asks for more food and the mother starts to cry, the kids feel bad and go to bed and then dream of a candy land and at the end the officer comes to the house and helps the lil kids and the mom.

Thank you ^-^

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Poster: LordOfTheExacto Date: Nov 21, 2010 5:14pm
Forum: classic_cartoons Subject: Re: Looking for some old cartoons

Liz, the first one sounds like a Little Audrey or Little Lulu cartoon. (One was a knock-off of the other; I forget which.)

You might find some answers at the Big Cartoon database:

It's got a search function that's pretty good. With a title you can just Google and probably find a copy somewhere.

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Poster: liz22 Date: Nov 21, 2010 7:01pm
Forum: classic_cartoons Subject: Re: Looking for some old cartoons

i've looked there and i know there not little lulu or little audrey cartoons hehehe neither were actual humans its like cartoon and live action like looney toons back in action or space jam. not the plots but the human and cartoon thing. and i've tried that site i found a lot of cartoons but not the ones i was looking for

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Poster: brittanym8808 Date: Jun 12, 2011 10:33pm
Forum: classic_cartoons Subject: Re: Looking for some old cartoons

The one with the kids is called somewhere in dreamland i ran across it while searching for another cartoon. Hope this helps!!