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Poster: whatdoesittaketogetinhere Date: Mar 16, 2011 4:35am
Forum: 78rpm Subject: History months

We have Black History Month in February.
We have Women's History Month in March.
I am sure there are other history months for the other months of the calander. Why can't we have a Musical History Month? Or at least a history week. A long time ago, I remember a radio station, (i forgot which one), in my area, have a special program of old 78"s music. He would tell the audience the title of the record, the artist of the song on the record, and,the record label, and the date it was released. THIS WAS MOST INTERESTING. I have never heard another radio program like this since. (????)I am sure that a radio program on one of the major radio stations playing a discography of old Jazz music from the 1920/30's would be a popular show. It would certainly be novel. And it would be a fun "history" lesson, probably more appreciated than any "official" history months we have now.