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Poster: azazel Date: May 16, 2005 3:04pm
Forum: avgeeks Subject: having trouble uploading

hello, i have been trying to upload a movie (.avi file, 780 mb) and am on the verge of losing it- ive tried twice now, both times using ccpublisher- it uploads fine, both time hitting a hundred percent after HOURS of waiting, then goes to VERIFY or FINISH UP something like that and says there is a BUG would I like to report it? And thats it, it quits and I start the madness all over again. Help would be so so apreciated,

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Poster: azazel Date: May 16, 2005 3:53pm
Forum: avgeeks Subject: Re: having trouble uploading

ok- i have begun re-uploading it through an ftp site, BUT see that it already exists on the server if i go to any chance i can make them appear on the site? thanks for your help,