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Poster: dankspread Date: May 27, 2005 3:13am
Forum: avgeeks Subject: commercial

i was on here some time ago and saw a video or commercial in which they used car parts set up on a assembly line type thing,and it was kinda like a domino effect where one part falls onto another and just keeps going for like 3 or 4 mins,i think it was a honda commercial?? but im not possitive,if anyone has seen this video or knows where i can watch it again I would greatly appreicate the info. Because i,ve done numerous searches with various keywords to no avail thanks alot

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Poster: Bob Ralston Date: Jun 10, 2005 7:23am
Forum: avgeeks Subject: Re: commercial

I'm pretty sure that was not on this site, since I'm REALLY sure the film in question is copyrighted by Honda and not public domain. So this may not really be the forum of choice for this question.

Nevertheless, in the interest of being helpful, a zipfile of that film in MPEG1 format is available for download from Honda's European website at