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Poster: Geonsey Date: Jun 21, 2005 12:22pm
Forum: movies Subject: Any market for DVD Masters?

Hey... I'm a huge fan of old PD films (particularly of the rare and obsucre). I am starting to compile DVD masters of stuff I've gathered from various sources. Eventually I want to offer duplicate masters to other collectors (at least at cost, but certainly far less than retail, though probably not at dollar store prices). Any thoughts about any market for this? I guess I bring it up after searching all over for master recordings and I'd end up paying a load for film masters. I just want some things on DVD, in best quality possible, to archive in my library. The plan is to encode them at the best bitrate possible, uncompressed, and have them available for future compilations. Should I archive them as DVD-ready MPG2's, or pre-authored DVD's, or both (mpg's for the author and DVD's for the watcher)? Most of the stuff would be broadcast quality, would one want to get their own web-station, let's say, off the ground. If there's any interest, I'd be curious to know. Thanks. PS: I think this is a fabulously rich archive of stuff. I hope it keeps going for a long time.