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Poster: Geonsey Date: Jun 21, 2005 12:44pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Any market for DVD Masters?

Hi all... I'm a big fan of PD material, particularly of the rare and obscure. I've recently gathered a bunch of material and archived them on DVD. I want to eventually offer DVD masters to other collectors. I'm curious if there'd be a market for this?

I bring this up after searching high and low for PD films only to find I'd have to pay hundreds for film masters. I just want excellent quality DVD's, so I guess i have to make my own. Luckily, part of the collecting/hobby is in the discovery. The other part is archiving the finds.

I plan to encode mpegs in highest uncompressed bitrate possible. I want to offer DVD-ready mpegs (for the author) and pre-authored DVD's (for the collector). Cost? Well, at cost, at least; lower than retail, but not quite dollar store prices.

I'm curious to hear from anyone with thoughts on this...


PS: This is a wonderfully rich archive of material. I hope it remains for a long time.

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Poster: Yellow_Pages Date: Jun 22, 2005 10:17am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Any market for DVD Masters?

There are a couple of things that your original post never mentioned in that: 1.In what kind of format these "masters" are in i.e. film or video. 2.The kind of content you have either documentary educational or featured film. 3.Verification of "quality" of each individual film. 4. Total verification that each film is truly "pd". 5.If "masters" are film how will you transfer them over to digital media which is in itself pretty costly. Don't get me wrong on some of the points I've brought up is the reason most of these films are being bought at the dollar store for a buck vs. the expenditures individuals would go into doing it themselves. Please do some more research before going the profit route, "pd" is more about sharing over anything else.

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Poster: Geonsey Date: Jun 22, 2005 11:32am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Any market for DVD Masters?

The question wasn't about making a profit. Sharing is the right idea I wanted to convey.

I am an enthusiast/hobbyist/collector of PD material. I've just started gathering a library and I know there's some material out there that's not in stores, or in this archive, that other people might have. Vice-versa: there's some stuff I might gather that someone else might want: what's the best way to offer that if they can't get it from a broadband download? That's the question I really had.

Should I pre-author just the movie without fancy menus and stuff for those who just want the DVD? or should I put mpeg2's on disks for those who want to make their own fancy DVDs? Or both?

The material would be gathered from various third-party sources, like vhs, tv (without any network logos) or DVDs, so the quality of them would vary depending on the quality of the original source media and the age of the material no doubt. Film media transfers are out of the question-- I'll leave that to those with business profit motives.

I spend time to reasonably make sure that the stuff offered for trade is in the PD, and if there's any doubt, I'll just take it off my list.

I definitely want to get involved with trading stuff with other people, but each of us would incur costs, like DVD-blanks and postage. (Not everyone would have broadband access.) All I meant was: is there a market, or a demand, or any interest in developing some kind of online "swap-meet" and exchanging DVD's or resources to PD material?

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Poster: Yellow_Pages Date: Jun 22, 2005 1:00pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Any market for DVD Masters?

As for the question if there is a demand for swapping I would say it is already being done here by the people that have been uploading material here on the site. Now for the friends of mine that have asked me to get a movie downloaded for them to burn later since they only have dial-up I would gladly do as I assume anyone else would do for there friends and family. I usually get something back for my troubles like extra blank dvd's or cd's. Now back to your original question if someone would buy masters I would have to say no.

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Poster: Geonsey Date: Jun 23, 2005 10:58pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Any market for DVD Masters?

Cool. Thanks for the debate. One way or another, this is a great resource to share with the masses and keep cinematic history alive. Eventually, these digitized footage will be the only surviving media. I hope generations will benefit. They just don't make 'em like they used to.

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Poster: Jah Gussi Date: Jun 21, 2005 8:26pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Any market for DVD Masters?

We are not sure what the hell your talkin about, PD rare film any market for DVD Masters not at dollor store price? . That's what's happening over here all the old rare PD stuff is coming out on DVD or CD if it's music. If it's PD it's not that rare and if it's in the PD what makes you think colletors will pay for it. I for one would not pay for stuff that's in the PD in fact I would expect it to be free 100 percent. The real rare stuff is in personal collections that may never see the light of day or Studio cupboards.

Also you give no detail of this rare stuff so it as no value.

So let's see what you got, Have you got a master copy of the The Fantastic Four that was done years ago and never released? how much? how much?
We will just wait until Marvel release it then wait a few weeks and it will appear in the pound shop.

I bet It's already out on DVD down the pound shop now.

or how about Dr Strange that should be in the pound shop it came out years ago.

Or does this make any sence to you the film trailers of Marilyn Monroe some people is asking 3 to 4 figure numbers for just one master, I put in a search and found that they are all on one DVD for just 7 to 9 pounds. That's all the film trailers for a one figure number.

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Poster: Geonsey Date: Jun 22, 2005 12:57am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Any market for DVD Masters?

Whoa there. Well, I guess I asked for it.

You are right: PD films are marketed on DVD all the time. They are packaged with fancy menus and lame trivia and biography cards, etc. and sold at the retail level to make a profit. I know for a fact that there are collectors who just want a movie they can pop into their player and go without any of the fancy stuff. Many who can download these films SHOULD get these for free. But what about those who do not have broadband, or without access to a computer who wants this stuff (or stuff from other sources) that aren't available anywhere else?

I'm not talking about "Disorder in the Court" or any of the other three Stooges shorts available not only in this archive, but in every other dollar store in the world. That's hardly rare. What I'm talking about is stuff that people are seeking out and have a difficult time to find. I can't name a title off the top of my head to defend this argument, but I'm sure most of the Prelinger stuff in this archive is hardly available anywhere else. I have an excellent master of "The Hurricane Express" serial and "The Phantom Creeps" serial, just to name a couple, I intend to offer to the archive soon. What I'm proposing is to offer these at a cost way below retail, but at a cost to cover the DVD's I'll be burning and the shipping, etc. Profit motive is not an issue.

As far as a list I have, well, I don't have one yet. I'm just a new collector, and it'll probably take a few months to assemble a library. I'm sure none of it is of real value other than archival/historical retrospective of old-time cinema. Everyone should have access to it, including libraries and educational institutions, to whom I eventually intend to distribute, at my own expense.

"Have you got a master copy of the The Fantastic Four that was done years ago and never released?" -- Nope. And I don't really care. Chances are it's owned by marvel anyway so it won't be available in PD. -- "We will just wait until Marvel release it then wait a few weeks and it will appear in the pound shop." -- You are most probably right, but again, not in PD but licenced by Marvel, and probably for about $30 bucks and a bunch of tie-in features for the movie. Thanks very much but I'll pass.