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Poster: Geonsey Date: Jun 22, 2005 12:57am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Any market for DVD Masters?

Whoa there. Well, I guess I asked for it.

You are right: PD films are marketed on DVD all the time. They are packaged with fancy menus and lame trivia and biography cards, etc. and sold at the retail level to make a profit. I know for a fact that there are collectors who just want a movie they can pop into their player and go without any of the fancy stuff. Many who can download these films SHOULD get these for free. But what about those who do not have broadband, or without access to a computer who wants this stuff (or stuff from other sources) that aren't available anywhere else?

I'm not talking about "Disorder in the Court" or any of the other three Stooges shorts available not only in this archive, but in every other dollar store in the world. That's hardly rare. What I'm talking about is stuff that people are seeking out and have a difficult time to find. I can't name a title off the top of my head to defend this argument, but I'm sure most of the Prelinger stuff in this archive is hardly available anywhere else. I have an excellent master of "The Hurricane Express" serial and "The Phantom Creeps" serial, just to name a couple, I intend to offer to the archive soon. What I'm proposing is to offer these at a cost way below retail, but at a cost to cover the DVD's I'll be burning and the shipping, etc. Profit motive is not an issue.

As far as a list I have, well, I don't have one yet. I'm just a new collector, and it'll probably take a few months to assemble a library. I'm sure none of it is of real value other than archival/historical retrospective of old-time cinema. Everyone should have access to it, including libraries and educational institutions, to whom I eventually intend to distribute, at my own expense.

"Have you got a master copy of the The Fantastic Four that was done years ago and never released?" -- Nope. And I don't really care. Chances are it's owned by marvel anyway so it won't be available in PD. -- "We will just wait until Marvel release it then wait a few weeks and it will appear in the pound shop." -- You are most probably right, but again, not in PD but licenced by Marvel, and probably for about $30 bucks and a bunch of tie-in features for the movie. Thanks very much but I'll pass.