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Poster: splue Date: Jul 27, 2011 7:42pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Commenty

xcellent post!!!/ besides the site's about FREE expression/ i think theirs a delicious zaniness 2 be found here/ mayb the trubble is with leftbrainers ovr analyzing things that r like da da i saw on pbs/ i like the variety here/ i enjoyed
T's (some)nonseqiters until he scared me with the later stuf/ i hope he gets a friend 2 help him he seems 2 angry/ i enjoy the smarty professor ppl like Althea and Cliff, Monte taper & otherswho hav kewl facts, links& stuf about the grateful dead cos thats vry informative/ i like the guys who talk sports sumtimes cos its like spying on guys/ i like the funny inside jokes &
graphics ppl post unless there 2gross/i like trying 2 figure out who the other posters r, im sure im wrong mostly but its fun/ i ocasionally like being insulted cos its funny so evn if i hit back its not the big bag of beans i act like it is/
& i like jerry garcia/ hes everywhere!!