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Poster: splue Date: Jul 31, 2011 12:03am
Forum: gutenberg Subject: Re: Mr Kahle

Dear Mr Kahle, someone is illegally posting under my namein the forums / i heard ur the owner of the IA (?)/ can u stop them from doing this??? i have been trying to get administrators 2 stop & look at this but they won't!!!! thanks, Gemma Splue p.s. i have asked repeatedly Althae Rose at the gd forum but i cant get any help/ i guess they think identity theft is a big joke or fun concept or something/ thx 4 any help u can give in this matter!! (i make videos at the archive/ but they suck mostly so im not bragging) THE POSTS BELOW ARE THE COUNTERFEIT ACCT. USING MY NAME!! ADDENDUM: at one point there were 4 posts wrongfully using my name/ right now there is just one so i believe an IA or Grateful Dead adminstrator is involved somehow. I have kept Gadwin snapshots of the posts & i will be putting them in a doc.
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Poster: brewster Date: Jul 31, 2011 8:53am
Forum: gutenberg Subject: Re: Mr Kahle

I dont know what the issue is, and sorry the archive has not been responsive to the issue. I sent a note to, a standard way to reach the Archive and hope that helps. I hope our small group can help.


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Poster: splue Date: Jul 31, 2011 9:42am
Forum: gutenberg Subject: Re: Mr Kahle

Thanks Mr. Kahle, im vry distressed that this happend 2 me!! Don't worry, my boyfriend has advised me 2 stop posting & visiting here because its just not safe. I hope can add some modrators 2 the GD forum at some point (like right now would b great) because identity theft hurts everyone & there r a few rly nice ppl who subscribe 2 that forum!!!! best wishes, peace Gemma Splue !!!!I don't kno if they can do anything about it but there's a dude called Tollundism ther who is rly evil & he's writing disturbing racist stuf thats alot like the Norway shooter. I stood up 2 him in the GD forum & then my account got "cloned". Some ppl ther thot its like a big joke but its not a big joke 2 me/ its scary. peace
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Poster: vanthraxpandemic Date: Aug 2, 2011 1:33am
Forum: gutenberg Subject: Salem

Salem I am Ammar a Muslim new to the archive and looking through for research. Praise be to Allah and his messenger. May peace be on his name. I stumbled on Greatefuldead and noticed this "splue" person and I looked through her comments. What she said about the SPIUE and Tollundism racist trolls were certainly true. However when I looked deeper I had noticed some Islamophobic comments made by this odd username. I searched around with her username and have seen videos with her name calling and smearing some of the more conservative and ardent of our faith. I am very moderate and to not agree with extremism of course. But does that justify that this user be allowed to illogically scrutinize others just because of their religious devotion to their beliefs? Not all of our Clerics are like this. I looked through some more and I noticed that she is friends with NoiseCollector? He too and the Telephone Toughguy are also blatantly labeling and mocking Islam and Islamic teachings. They have also shown racism. NoiseCollector or Digi Hartatak has even made a video about Mexicans titled La Raza which demonizes Mexican immigrants. In another video he attacks Black African Americans. And only for the sake of personal humor. My faith teaches that we give our life to God and his prophet. May Peace be to Allah and his messenger. Most do not advocate violence and even with to coexist with the West regardless of weather they convert or not. We only want peace. Have not American Nazi militarists caused enough suffering already? Please do consider examining what I searched through and found these following links. I ask that you just have a look at each of them and draw your own conclusions. لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله عليه السلام splue noisecollector Telephone Toughguy
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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Aug 30, 2011 10:08am
Forum: gutenberg Subject: Re: Salem witch trials

Ok, Ammar, from the "religion of peace" with "anthraxepidemic" in your screen name. Let's break it all down:

1. Fortunately "islamophobia" is not illegal yet. Nor is xenophobia, or claustrophobia. Fear is an emotion and not a crime yet. We have the constitution and it protects us from real threats like censorship, search and seizure of private property, confiscation of our firearms, oppression of civil liberties, etc. Not all muslims are terrorists, not all terrorists are muslims. The postings on here calling for jihad against infidels or condemning free speech or women's rights in the name of religion are grotesque and offensive, but they are protected just like my speech.

2. "They have also shown racism. NoiseCollector or Digi Hartatak has even made a video about Mexicans titled La Raza which demonizes Mexican immigrants."

Empirically false. I never demonized "Mexican immigrants" my video is about ILLEGAL immigrants. We have laws and borders. I cannot walk into mexico without a US Passport. I cannot walk into canada without one either. I need a visa to enter Saudi Arabia (but I cannot go to mecca - not bigotry?). And in case you are not someone pretending to play dumb, "La Raza" is the name of a pro illegal immigrant special interest lobbyist organization. It means "The Race", and only concerns itself with people of a certain race.... but it's not racist.... that is the point of the video. Did you watch the video? Did you hear the "social activists" calling for the overthrow of the "frail white racists" and telling people to rise up with the shovels and picks and attack whitey? Of course not. Fundamental islamic clerics who are die hard liberals never do...

3. "In another video he attacks Black African Americans. And only for the sake of personal humor."

Which video do I "attack" "Black African Americans" just for humor? Was it one where I show how the democrats were the confederacy and have extorted minorities into being perpetual martyrs? Have you researched who the first black members of congress were? Do you know who Frederick Douglas is? Do you know who the abolitionists were? Do you have an ancestor that fought the confederacy or died at harpers ferry? I do. Do you even know what my racial composition is? Nothing I do is strictly for personal humor aside from farting and making funny faces at my son.

4. "Have not American Nazi militarists caused enough suffering already?"

Apparently not, considering the national democratic SOCIALIST WORKERS party (union) was german and we were the ones who fought them. I was caught up in the post 9/11 frenzy myself and was all for war until it took 10 years (mysteriously) to catch bin laden... now I wonder. I think we should carpet bomb every last known location of terrorists, bring the troops home and worry about our own border and people. I wouldn't fund these wars that do nothing but shed our own blood and money trying to bring people out of the middle ages.... waste of time.

Since you mentioned nazi's, I expose them as well in these videos:

Warning, you will need a working knowledge of politics and world history to get the jokes and not think it's just "racist". The nexus to extreme islamic radicals and the third reich is well documented. (this is where I get called a zionist). How's all that hope and change working in the muslim world?

4. I do not speak for Splue or anyone else but let's examine some of these literary atrocities you speak of:

yeah wouldn't want to make light of Osama bin laden or Alzawarisi whatever his name is... right... thats not politically correct... LAUGHABLE

Yeah that one is hardcore hatred... all those racist white people... oops... all those mostly racist white people... oops... all those mostly white mostly racist people... doing..... peaceful assembly? Ed Schultz may think when a group is mostly white it has to be bad.... but the NHL seems to be lawsuit free, must be satan... yeah... I get it, you are obviously someone else and I wasted all this time... thanks.

You win this round.... but I will be back...

Stay of the philadelphia dating sites and don't let those sandwich shops opress your cheesesteak rights... yeah... I know who you are.... come with facts and not emotion laden talking points from current tv next time.

Keep taking the blue pill... trust me... you won't like the real world.