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Poster: splue Date: Jul 31, 2011 9:42am
Forum: gutenberg Subject: Re: Mr Kahle

Thanks Mr. Kahle, im vry distressed that this happend 2 me!! Don't worry, my boyfriend has advised me 2 stop posting & visiting here because its just not safe. I hope can add some modrators 2 the GD forum at some point (like right now would b great) because identity theft hurts everyone & there r a few rly nice ppl who subscribe 2 that forum!!!! best wishes, peace Gemma Splue !!!!I don't kno if they can do anything about it but there's a dude called Tollundism ther who is rly evil & he's writing disturbing racist stuf thats alot like the Norway shooter. I stood up 2 him in the GD forum & then my account got "cloned". Some ppl ther thot its like a big joke but its not a big joke 2 me/ its scary. peace
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