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Poster: Morilibus Date: Oct 2, 2011 11:12am
Forum: classic_cartoons Subject: Old Cartoon Refresher - robaxacet looking marionette character

I've been trying to remember an old cartoon I remember watching when I was a child, I think I watched it several times even though I don't remember it being any good.

I can only vaguely remember certain things in the film, and I'm not sure how accurate they are, or if I've altered the memory over the years.

Anyway what I remember is the following.

-Old style of hand drawn animation, with very little color, if any. Remember mainly brown and tan colors. It would have been in the 80's or early 90's when I saw it, but it seemed to be from earlier then that.

-I don't think it had any dialogue, but did I think have sound effects, or maybe a musical background similar to fantasia... which I thought it might have been part of, but wasn't able to find any scene like this in it.

-One of the characters, which I think is the protagonist, gets torn, or blown apart in a blast to reveal a "robaxacet" marionette looking guy who survives and continues on.

-One scene features falling through the sky, either downwards or upwards. and are in a house? or castle like structure.

-Possibly apocalyptic themed


That's all I can remember about it, I've searched imdb, and wiki year by year without refreshing my memory...

I'm going to check out fantasia one more time...

Any ideas would be great. It's like having something on the tip of the tongue for the last 10 years. I always try to remember from time to time, but never succeed.

Thank You,