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Poster: GRANAMEDIA Date: Nov 6, 2011 8:44am
Forum: movies Subject: Modified Uploads

Hello everyone,
My profession is local government television production, been in government or education TV for over 20 years now. In my spare time I create videos for fun on YouTube and often use Internet Archive as a resource for footage. So I wanted to give back to IA in some way. Decided to start with some compilations of drive-in ads I found in the Drive-In Movie Ads section of IA.

Chose several ads in the compilations, adjusted brightness/contrast, cropped the black frames, enlarged them to 720x480 MPEG 2s, increased volume and even remixed some audio tracks with an audio editor. The results weren't perfect but they have been improved for the most part.

If you'd like to see the results you can find them here on my bookmarks

Please Note: I've designated these as Public Domain, as they are in Drive-In Movie Ads. But because of logos, characters, trademarks etc. this may not be the case with some films.

In the future I hope to upload custom backgrounds and other stock footage I've created and accumulated over the years. Maybe they will be of some use for IA users.

Thanks again to everyone at Internet Archives.
Rudy C. Granados