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Poster: nighthouse66 Date: Mar 6, 2012 5:41pm
Forum: ephemera Subject: Help Me FInd the title to this film....

Hi folks, i am wondering if this film rings a bell for anyone and if someone can give me a title. i have searched for it for years and i realized i should just post on this forum. hopefully someone can help me out.

it has to be late seventies or early eighties, as it is based on the karen anne quinlan case (girl goes to party, mixes pills and booze and winds up in a coma). i watched it in fifth grade and it made a profound and melancholic impression on me. i have wanted to remix this for so long and i have no clue to the title. i can tell you that it was an educational film, not very long, and it wasn't the film "in the case of karen anne quinlan" that was made for television. it was definitely made for schools. I hope someone can figure this out for me!

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Poster: boneycellar$ Date: Jun 15, 2013 6:49am
Forum: ephemera Subject: Re: Help Me FInd the title to this film....

i recall a book called, Go Ask Alice, with this theme...